Winter Camp

Winter Camp


It's that time of year again.  Yes, every baseball player in the country is getting ready for the World Series.  And yes… there’s this little game called football that’s also under way.  But I'm talking about the most exciting event of the year!  That one outstanding, glorious, stupendous, and sometimes icy cold event...I like to call.... drum roll please.....                                     

 Winter Camp!!!!!!!

It's time for all Scouts to start signing up for the greatest event known to man.  We have one of the best camps put together for you and your Scouts.  We have a truly outstanding staff assembled to assure that you have one of the best times at camp you have ever had.  Your staff will be leading three reenactment areas: Mountain Man, Indian Village and Lumber Jack.  There are four event areas Woodturning, Climbing Tower, Shooting Sports and Welding.   If you are wanting to take your Winter Camp to all new heights, sign up for  the Tower with Josh Scott and the Crew; they'll show you the ropes.  Feeling a little native?  Then sign up in the Indian Village; you may learn how to dance to the beat of an Indian drum.  If you have the desire to take it old school and do things like the pioneers did, then  the Mountain Man area is for you; Ernie Janecka, and his rough and tough staff, can show you what you're made of and then sit back and enjoy a root beer.  If you ever wanted to cut down a tree with a two man saw and wear a fashionable flannel shirt, then the Lumber Jack area with Steve Porter is for you.  If you have a desire to spark things up, then the brand new, hot off the press, Welding area with Nathan Dower, is just where you'll want to be.  If you thought you were the best Troop Guide ever and you know the Scout book better than anyone else, then helping out in the TFC area with Sheri Robson, will be right up your alley. If you want to get on target with your camp, then spending your time with Pete Brewer and his team is your best shot.  If you have the hankering for some 4-legged fun and are looking for a little trail action, then check out Rory Costagin with the CSR Wranglers is where you'll want to saddle up.  Have you ever want to show some truly great Scouts in the coolest Merit Badge you have ever seen, then  Bill Fischer with Merit Badges and Ken Myers with STEM is definitely the place to be.

All of these great areas are finally ready for you.  So, get online and fill out the form for some after Christmas FUN.  DON'T wait, DON'T hesitate.  Just like Tom Bodett... We have the star light on and are waiting for you to get here.


Yours in Cheerful Service,


Don Birdsong                                                                           Scott Arrington
Winter Camp Director 2015                                                   Circle 10 Staff Advisor                                       

Boy Scout Winter Camp Information available below...

Boy Scout Winter Camp
December 27 - 31, 2016
Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp at Clements Scout Ranch
Winter Camp at Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp in Athens, Texas, is Circle Ten Council's single largest camping event.   Winter Camp is designed for Boy Scout Troops to have four nights of camping that include advancement opportunities and special fun activities staffed by the Order of the Arrow, Mikanakawa Lodge of Circle Ten Council.
Event Registration will once again be through the Campmaster reservation system

Winter Camp Leader Guide click here
Winter Camp Merit Badge Addendum click here

Merit Badge pre-registration will begin November 1, 2016 and will be done through the CampMaster website.
As in years past, the scheduled arrival day for Winter Camp 2016 is Sunday, December 27. Early arrival is available after 10:00 a.m. on December 26th.
Please do not arrive before 10:00 a.m. on the 26th.
If your troop chooses to arrive on December 26th please be mindful that this is the time when the staff sets up winter camp. There is no program and minimal staff assistance will be available.

Winter Camp Staff
Calling all cold weather Mikanakawans!  If you are 14 years old and dues paying, sash wearing, flap toting member of our lodge consider this your official invitation to apply for a position on the 2016 Winter Camp Staff.  Registration through this portal does not guarantee your position on winter camp staff, but you can’t be on the staff if you don’t apply HERE!





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