Field Services
Director of Field Service Ken Camp 214-902-6785
Service Area Membership Director Vacant 214-509-2121
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Field Service Keri Payne 214-902-6758
East Central Service Area
East Central Service Area Field Director Michael Hunt 214-902-6720
Cimarron District Executive Michael Lugo 214-902-6730
Eastern Skies Sr. District Executive Ophelia Phillips 214-902-6728
Northern Trail District Executive Chad Caudle 214-902-6743
Tejas Caddo District Executive Giovanni Angon 214-902-6741
Program Administrator David Payne 214-902-6753
North Central Service Area
North Central Service Area Field Director Michael Garcia 214-902-6729
Blackland Prairie District Executive Javier Cervera 214-902-6756
Mustang District Director Charles Peterson 214-902-6725
Mustang District Executive Vacant 214-902-6731
North Star District Executive Victor Rivera 214-902-6733
West Park District Executive Anthony Simmons 214-902-6757
North Metro Service Area
North Metro Service Area Field Director Jordan Ray 214-509-2108
Eagle Trail District Executive Tyler Holcom 214-509-2117
Golden Arrow District Executive Tamara Dreger 214-509-2114
Iron Horse Sr. District Executive Michael Hall 214-509-2118
Lone Star District Executive Alberto Saucedo 214-509-2116
Northern Lights District Executive Ron Settele 214-509-2115
Northeastern Service Area
Northeastern Service Area Field Director Brian Lamirande 214-902-6719
Texoma Valley District Executive Michael Henrichsen 214-509-2113
Tonkawa District Executive Steven Palmer 214-902-6737
Two Rivers District Executive Tammy Johnston 214-902-6744
White Oak District Executive Sam Allelo 214-902-6735
OutReach Service Area
OutReach Service Area Field Director Espie Randolph, Jr. 214-902-6718
Exploring Executive Kelly Puckett 214-902-6746
Exploring Executive Vacant 214-902-6744
Learning for Life Executive Sherri Wood 214-902-6745
STEM Executive Maribeth Hughes 214-902-6738
Southeastern Service Area
Southeastern Service Area Field Director Frank Griffin 214-902-6724
Duck Creek Sr. District Executive Adrian Rivas 214-902-6736
East Trinity Trails District Executive Vacant 214-902-6727
Texas Skies District Executive J.T. Davis 214-902-6752
Trinity Woods District Executive Laura Baxter 214-902-6750
Southwestern Service Area
Southwestern Service Area Field Director Roger Derrick 214-902-6723
Five Trails District Executive Vacant 214-902-6747
Mountain Lake District Executive Charles Simmons 214-902-6740
Southern Star District Executive Timothy Redhair 214-902-6751
Wisdom Trail District Executive Russell Klosterman 214-902-6739
Support Services
Director of Support Services James Parnell 214-902-6777
Camping Director Scott Arrington 214-902-6778
Program Director Karen Thunert 214-902-6776
Program Director April Baker 214-902-6721
Operations Manager Dick Corcoran 214-902-6709
IT & Communications Director Greg Taylor 214-902-6710
Administrative Assistant for Camping/Program Brittany Stanley 214-902-6714
Administrative Assistant for Camping/Program Kember Madsen 214-902-6707
Camp Constantin/Jack D. Furst Aquatic Base Ranger Shae Smith 940-779-2131
Camp James Ray Lead Ranger David Carson 903-786-2591
Camp James Ray Ranger Frisco Reid 903-786-2591
Camp Wisdom / Billy Sowell Scout Camp Lead Ranger Dan Minnick 972-298-3177
Camp Wisdom / Billy Sowell Scout Camp Ranger Jeremy Case 630-549-5823
Clements Scout Ranch / Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp Lead Ranger Kevin Slater 903-681-1006
Clements Scout Ranch / Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp Asst. Ranger Dale Wiseman 512-217-5352
Finance Services
Director of Finance Service Don Burke 214-902-6711
Development Director Jim Sullivan 214-902-6708
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance Service Cathy Rohloff 214-902-6713
Finance Administrative Assistant Lyn Graham 214-902-6716
Marketing and Communications
Director of Marketing and Communications Brandi Mantz 214-902-6794
Social Media Director Greg Mazen 214-902-6749
Internal Communications Specialist Stephanie Kirk 214-902-6717
Murchison Scouting Center
Controller Lynette Hendricks 214-902-6704
Accounting Assistant Vickie Allen 214-902-6706
Accounting Clerk Margaret Mitchell 214-902-6705
Council Registrar Tammy Washington 214-902-6760
Registration Assistant Adriane James 214-902-6769
Registration Assistant Valerie Perez 214-902-6761
Registration Assistant Haisee Garcia 214-902-6769
Office Assistant Vacant 214-902-6722
Receptionist Lynn Santillan 214-902-6700
Print Technician Melanea Rico 214-902-6782
Facilities Coordinator Vernon Womack 214-902-6781
Bobby Lyle ♦ Billy Gamble Scouting Center
Registration Assistant Charlene McClelland 214-509-2103
Customer Service Representative Susan Danner 214-509-2100
Customer Service Representative Bart Brion 214-509-2100
Customer Service Representative Dena Murphy 214-509-2101
Customer Service Representative Elaine Peters 214-509-2101
Executive Staff
Scout Executive / CEO Samuel Thompson 214-902-6701
Executive Assistant to the Scout Executive Linda Peoples 214-902-6702
Deputy Scout Executive / COO Andy Price 214-902-6712
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Scout Executive Alicia Lewis 214-902-6771
Director of Human Resources Sierra Fisher 214-902-6774




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