Online Registration ... What Your Unit Needs to Know Part 6

Online Registration ... What Your Unit Needs to Know Part 6

Scouting families and prospective Scouting families have asked for it, and now it is here!

Beginning this fall, the traditional paper registration method will not be the only way to join Scouting. This is a giant leap forward in allowing prospective members and leaders to register in a way that's convenient for them, and it creates a more efficient and user-friendly registration experience for units, districts, and councils.

In an effort to assist our units with this new registration tool, we have sent an email each Thursday focusing on an individual aspect of the tool. These bite-sized chunks of information were intended to ease the transition our units are making to utilize this online tool. This is the last in the series.

The online registration system is designed to make it easy for families to join Scouting. They can find a unit, if they do not already have one in mind, or apply to the unit of their choice. The system walks them through the entire application and payment process. If there is an application or lead to be processed, the unit Key 3 will receive a notification in their My.Scouting inbox once a day letting them know they have actions to take.


The Invitation Manager - How to Process Applications

Key Unit Roles and Actions in Invitation Manager

The following unit positions have full access to the Invitation Manager Dashboard on My.Scouting where they can add leads, manage inquiries from prospective Scouts, and send joining invitations:

  • Chartered organization representative (CR)*
  • Committee chair (CC)*
  • Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Skipper, Coach)*
  • Institutional Head/Chartered Organization Executive Officer (IH)
  • Unit membership chair

* = Members of the Unit Key 3
The Unit Key 3 can assign a “Registration Inquiry” functional role to other unit volunteers who need read only access to view lead status and submitted requests. 


Assigning Registration Inquiry Functional Roles

If your unit has a membership chair or other adults who are helping manage unit recruitment and who needs read only access to view leads and submitted requests in Invitation Manager and Application Manager you can assign them a functional role of “Registration Inquiry” in the system.

Step 1: While logged in to your My.Scouting account, select Menu at the top left hand side of your screen.

Step 2: From the drop down menu select the unit to which you want to add this functional role.

Step 3: Select Organization Security Manager.


Step 4: Select Registration Inquiry.


Step 5: Select the plus sign to select the registered adult.


Step 6: Select the person from the drop down menu. Only adults registered in your unit will show. You can set effective and expire dates for this role. Default is the unit effective and expire date.

Step 7: Save. It will take 24 hours before the person assigned shows as a delegate in that position.



Using the Invitation Manager

To view and act on an inquiry that has been submitted to your unit, you'll want to log in to

  • Select Menu.
  • Select your unit name in the drop down list.
  • Select Invitation Manager.


The top section of the dashboard provides a quick status overview of the number of leads/requests submitted over the last 60 days that are either:

  • New - the lead originated in BeAScout and nobody in the unit has opened this record;
  • Opened - someone in the unit has opened the lead or has entered the lead manually, but no invitation has been sent.

The pie chart may be empty (or white) when you first access this tool, but in this example we'll identify what each colored section means.


The colors in the pie chart correspond to the colored circle next to the person's name in the My Actions tab. Hovering over each color displays the number of active requests in that category.

  • Blue = requests submitted through BeAScout.
  • Yellow = manually entered from joining night.
  • Orange = manually entered from an individual referral.
  • Gray = manually entered from a source other than those listed above.


The Invitation Manager defaults to the My Actions tab.

  • Only New and Opened requests appear on this tab.
  • Those awaiting action the longest will appear at the top.


The By Status tab displays the number of requests that fall under the following statuses:

  • New - request from BeAScout that has not been opened.
  • Opened - request has been viewed or entered manually.
  • Pending Reassignment - request has been sent to the district to be moved to a different unit.
  • Invitation Sent
  • Completed - an invitation has been sent and opened and the person has initiated an online application.
  • Closed - requests either timed out after 60 days of inaction or was manually closed by the unit to remove them from the My Actions list.


The By Source tab displays the number of new and Opened active requests received either through BeAScout, Joining Night, Individual Lead or Other.

It allows you to go directly to the leads you want to process from a specific source such as a joining night event.


Let's go back to the My Actions tab to cover more details about what is on the dashboard.

  • The total number of New and Opened active requests is visible at the top of the list.
  • You can search using the input field on the left side of the header bar.
  • The name & email address of the adult making the request is displayed.
  • Unit they want to join is listed.
  • A clock is present showing the number of days the request has been in the system. This icon is color coded and turns from green to red as they get closer to the 60 day age out of the system.
  • To view a request, click on the name in the list and a new window displays the information in the request.


If an invitation is no sent within 60 days, the lead will go to Closed status and no longer show in the My Actions dashboard.


The Lead Actions window displays:

  • Actions available to the person who is logged in.
  • Lead notes so that others in the unit who can take action will know what has already been done. (If you want to add notes, post the note before clicking on a Action Button.)
  • Summary section providing lead information and any comments from a lead if they submitted through BeAScout.



Using URL's and QR Codes

URL's and QR codes provide links that are specific to each unit. These can be used on handouts, fliers, and unit emails that are not sent through invitation manager.

To access the URL or QR code select the URL button on the top right hand side of the screen.


Just copy the one that you want and paste it in your flier or email.



Adding Leads Manually

Step 1: Select +New Lead


Step 2: Select the Lead Source.

Step 3: Enter information in each required field.

Step 4: Save. If you are using this as your sign in for a joining night you have the option of pressing save and add which will save and clear the form for the next entry.




Taking Action on Leads

To take action on a lead, first click on the name of the applicant. This can be done from the My Actions tab, the By Source tab, or from the New or Open sections in the By Status tab.


It's important that you review the summary section first before taking any action to ensure there aren't any questions that need to be answered.

Once you've reviewed the summary section and are ready to send an invitation to register, click on the Send Invitation button.


An invitation will be sent to the requester and you will be returned to the My Actions tab.


The lead request is removed from your My Actions tab and placed in the Invitation Sent category under the By Status tab.


If you decide not to accept this person into your unit you can Reassign. When you do this:

  • The request is moved to the district's dashboard so that they can find another unit to take the request.
  • You will be prompted to select a reason as to why the request is being reassigned.
  • The request will be placed in the Pending Reassignment category under your By Status tab. This helps in the event the requester contacts you to follow up on their inquiry.
  • Once the district takes an action to reassign the request to a different unit, the request will be removed from your Pending Reassignment.


You can also Close Lead. You would use this button if:

  • You already have a paper application.
  • You have talked with the person and they no longer want to join your unit.

Selecting Close Lead will remove the request from your My Actions tab and place it in the Closed category under the By Status tab.

You can always reopen the closed request which will return it to the My Actions tab.




Invitation Manager Reports

Step 1: Select Reports


Step 2: From the drop down list, select the report you would like to view.


Step 3: Print or download the report. The report can be downloaded in CSV format by clicking on the spreadsheet icon at the top of the report.



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