Online Registration ... What Your Unit Needs to Know Part 5

Online Registration ... What Your Unit Needs to Know Part 5


Scouting families and prospective Scouting families have asked for it, and now it is here!

Beginning this fall, the traditional paper registration method will not be the only way to join Scouting. This is a giant leap forward in allowing prospective members and leaders to register in a way that's convenient for them, and it creates a more efficient and user-friendly registration experience for units, districts, and councils.

In an effort to assist our units with this new registration tool, we will be sending an email each Thursday which will focus on an individual aspect of the tool. These bite-sized chunks of information should ease the transition our units will be making to utilize this online tool.

The online registration system is designed to make it easy for families to join Scouting. They can find a unit, if they do not already have one in mind, or apply to the unit of their choice. The system walks them through the entire application and payment process. If there is an application or lead to be processed, the unit Key 3 will receive a notification in their My.Scouting inbox once a day letting them know they have actions to take.


The Application Manager - How to Process Applications

Download these instructions


Key Unit Roles and Actions in Application Manager

  • Chartered Organization Representative – the chartered organization representative (CR) is the only person in the unit who is authorized to assign positions and accept adults in accordance with the BSA Bylaws. This includes Venturing adult participant applications. The chartered organization representative can also review and accept, reassign, or reject youth applications.
  • Unit Committee Chair – The unit committee chair can review the adult applications and make position recommendations to the chartered organization representative (if the unit has chosen this configuration option). The unit committee chair can also review and accept, reassign, or reject the youth applications.
  • Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Skipper, Coach) – The unit leader has the primary role of reviewing and accepting, reassigning, or rejecting the youth applications.

If necessary, the institutional head/chartered organization executive officer (IH) can also perform the same duties as the CR.

The following positions have read only access to view application status to ensure the unit is taking action on applications in a timely manner:

  • unit membership chair
  • registration inquiry (role that can be assigned to any registered leader)


Using the Application Manager

To view and act on applications that have been submitted to your unit, you'll want to log in to

  • Select Menu.
  • Select your unit name in the drop down list.
  • Select Application Manager.



Your unit’s Application Manager dashboard defaults to the My Actions tab.

In My Actions you will see

  • A breakdown of the applications that were either completed or closed over the last 30 days.
  • The number of new applications received in the last 30 days.
  • A clock showing the age of the application in the system.  The system defaults to the oldest submission being shown first.
  • Under In Progress Applications you’ll see how many applications fall into each phase of the timer.

Note that this count will likely be more than the number of applications you see on your My Actions screen because it also shows items for which you have taken action, but are still in pending status.



In the Youth and Adult tabs you will see a list of the different statuses that the applications can be in depending on the actions you have taken:

  • Pending acceptance – the unit needs to review the applications and make a decision to accept, reassign, or decline the applicant.
  • Pending a unit email – the application has been accepted and is awaiting a nightly process that sends out the email welcome messages.
  • Pending reassignment – applicants have been reassigned from your unit to the district and are awaiting district action. The unit cannot take action when the applicant is in this status.
  • Pending Applicant Agreement – applicants have been reassigned to another unit and the unit is awaiting applicant agreement to the reassignment.
  • Pending Applicant Response – applicants have been sent a message from the unit asking for additional information or clarifications. You can still take action on applicants in this status.
  • Pending Refund – the applicant paid by credit and has either withdrawn their application, was not accepted by the unit, or has timed out of the system. The council must initiate the refund.
  • Pending Review – the applicant was not accepted by your unit and is awaiting council action to either reassign them to another unit or deny their application and refund any money paid.
  • Pending Acknowledgment –(adults only) the applicant answered “Yes” to at least one screening question, was accepted by the unit, has paid, and has been onboarded. This is just a council notification so that they are aware an applicant with a “Yes” answer has been accepted.
  • Completed – applicant has been onboarded and all welcome emails have been sent.
  • Closed – applications in this status have been closed because the applicant withdrew their application, the unit did not accept them, the application timed out, or the applicant turned in duplicate applications.

Next to each of the statuses, you’ll see the number of applications in that status.

Clicking on a status title will display the unit’s applications that are in that particular status.



If it is a record that you can act upon, you’ll see the action buttons.  In this example the applicant is pending acceptance so you can see the blue action buttons and can take action from this screen.

You can also open the application and review the information from this screen.

To close the record click the x in the upper right hand corner.  You will return to the Application Manager Dashboard.




The position primarily responsible for accepting youth applications is the Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Coach, Venturing Advisor, Skipper); however, the Committee Chair and the Chartered Organization Representative can also accept youth applications.

Each application is identified as either that of a youth or an adult.


Click on the name of the youth applicant to open the application.



An Application Actions window appears. The main sections are:

  • Application Notes.
  • Application Actions.
  • Review Application.
  • Application Summary – which also displays the Invoice where you can see if payment has been made.

First you’ll want to review the application. Click Review Application.


Click on each step to review the information provided in that step.

While you can see all of the information, you cannot change anything.

Click “Done” at the bottom of that page when you have finished reviewing the information.

Once you have reviewed the information in all of the steps, then click “Back” to return to the Application Actions page.



Now you are ready to use one of the actions available and add any notes.  If you want to add notes, they must be added before you select your action. These notes will not be seen by the applicant but will be tied to the application.

To add a note, click in text box, type your message and click Post. Whatever is entered here becomes an official and permanent part of the application records.

Your note will be added, along with your login information and the date. These notes are sorted oldest to newest. Notes allow others in your unit who can take action or who have viewing rights to know what has been done.

If you are ready to add this youth to your unit, click Accept



The application moves out of your My Actions section and into your Youth tab.

Since the new member has already paid their fees online, the system will automatically email them their onboarding materials and assign them to your unit.  You have no further action to take besides welcoming them to your unit. 



If you receive an application, and your dens have too many boys and you cannot create another den, or if the applicant decides that your unit is not the right one for them, you will need to click Reassign. Don’t forget to add any notes before you click on Reassign.



Select a reason for the reassignment request from the list provided. This will be used for reporting purposes.



Once you have selected the reason, click Confirm and the application will be moved from your My Actions tab to your Youth tab under Pending Reassignment. And, the application will be sent to the district to reassign to another unit.

Clicking Cancel returns you to the original Application Actions page so that you can take a different action.



If you have an application that requires additional information or you have questions, click Return to Applicant.



Enter instructions, comments or questions for the applicant in the text box provided. This information will be included in the email forwarded to the applicant requesting the additional action needed. 

Note: You are limited to one paragraph. If you add a return the information you type after the return will not be included in the email.

Remember, application notes you enter can be seen by others in your unit who have access, but will not be seen by the applicant. To keep others in your unit informed about your actions you might want to make a note that you have requested more information and why.

Once you have entered your instructions or questions for the applicant, click Confirm.



The application is removed from your My Actions section and added to your Youth tab. An email with instructions on how to access the application is sent to the applicant and the application is now in a status of Pending Applicant Response.

Applications in Pending Applicant Response status can be edited by the Applicant or the unit Key 3. Also, the unit Key 3 still has access to the Accept, Reassign and Do Not Accept actions. Edits to information can be made as long as it does not result in changes to the shopping cart. For example, the applicant nor the Key 3 can add or remove a Boys’ Life Subscription. If items in the cart need to be changed, the application must be withdrawn by the applicant and a new submission made with the correct payment amounts.

Remember, the 60 day clock keeps ticking so you’ll want to keep an eye out for an applicant’s response and reach out to them to make sure they got your message if you don’t hear from them within a couple of days.



The last option you’ll have for Youth applications is Do Not Accept.

If you identify an applicant you recommend for Do Not Accept, select the application record and click Do Not Accept.



If you select Do Not Accept you will receive a warning message “By selecting this option, you are recommending to the council that the applicant not be accepted into Scouting in any unit.  The council may contact you to understand your reasoning for making this recommendation.

Do not record the reason for your decision in the Application Notes. That should be a conversation between you and the council.

Click Confirm (clicking Cancel will return you to the original Applications Actions for you to choose a different action).

Clicking Confirm will send the application to the council and returns you to your applications dashboard.



The application will be available under the Youth Tab under Pending Review status until the council takes action to either Not Accept or Reassign to the District for reassignment to a different unit.




Processing Adult applications is very similar to Youth applications. However, adult application actions can only be processed by the Charter Organization Representative (CR). The Committee Chair can make position recommendations to the CR if the unit has chosen that option in the system configurations.

Like the Youth application dashboard, the Adult application dashboard has the 30 day clock to adding notes and processing the application.

Each application is identified as either that of a youth, Venturing Participant or an adult.
Venturing Participant

When in the My Actions tab, you can click on the name of the adult applicant to open the application.



Once you have opened an application, the Application Summary will provide additional information you will need to check references and see quickly if the applicant answered “Yes” to any of the screening questions.



Applicants that answered “Yes” to any of the Screening Questions can still be accepted. 

However, you are required to enter your reasons for acceptance in each of the Comments fields provided for the Screening Questions before you can click the Accept button.

The comments entered for the Screening Questions are recorded in the Application Notes.



In the References section you will find the names and contact information for the applicant’s references. You will want to contact the references to ensure that you want this adult as a leader in your unit.

You will also see the invoice information. They have paid by credit card so you will see $0.00 in the Amount Due at the bottom of the invoice



If you would like to review the application further, you can select Review Application to view all of the fields in the application



Select the information to review by clicking on the step containing the information

When you have finished reviewing the information you can select the Back button to return to the main screen.



After reviewing the application, if you still need more information you can either call the applicant directly or you can select Return to Applicant which will send a message that you need more information.



When you select Return to Applicant, a message box will appear. Type your request in the space provided and an email with your message will be sent to the applicant. Note: you must enter your message in one paragraph. Words typed in an additional paragraph will not show on the email message.



If you are ready to accept the adult, you can now choose the Accept Button.



A list of available positions for the unit will be provided for selection. Select the position for which this applicant will serve. Press Save.

The applicant will move out of your Actions dashboard and into either Pending Unit Email or Completed status in the Adult tab on your Application Manager dashboard.



If you do not want to accept the adult, you can choose either Reassign or Do Not Accept.

If you select Reassign:

  • You will be asked to select a reason for the reassignment. 
  • The applicant will be reassigned to the district so that they can find another unit willing to take this volunteer.



If you select Do Not Accept you will receive a warning message “By selecting this option, you are recommending to the council that the applicant not be accepted into Scouting in any unit. 

The council may contact you to understand your reasoning for making this recommendation.Do not record the reason for your decision in the Application Notes. That should be a conversation between you and the council.

Click Confirm (clicking Cancel will return you to the original Applications Actions for you to choose a different action).

Clicking Confirm will send the application to the council and returns you to your applications dashboard.

Once your selection is made you will see the applicant move out of your My Actions dashboard and into one of the other adult statuses depending on what you selected.



Application Manager Reports

To view and download reports available through the system select Reports.



A list of reports available will show.  Select the report you would like from the list.

Reports will be viewed in a spreadsheet format with columns and rows. 

All reports can be downloaded into a CSV format by clicking on the green and white spreadsheet icon at the top of the report. The resulting download will automatically open in Excel.




The system also sends the Unit Key 3 notifications so that they can take action on inquiries and applications in the system.

The bell at the top of your My.Scouting page is the notification icon. 

If you have notifications, a red circle with the number of notifications will display.

You will also receive email notifications twice a week if you have actions to take.

Click on the bell icon to open your notifications or you can open it through your menu on the top left hand side of the screen.

You will see a list of notifications. Open the notifications by clicking on the title.



The message will pop up in a box that you can read and delete or mark as read. You can click the Invitation Manager or Application manager button that is provided in each notification to go directly to that tool.

Hint – Eliminate the red circle from your notifications icon so that you only see new notifications. You will need to delete the notification or mark them as read, otherwise they will continue to show as pending notifications each time you log in.



Download these instructions



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