When is payment due?  Can I pay when I arrive for the course?

50% of your payment is due at the time of registration.  The balance is due 30 days before the course starts.  Failure to make full payment may result in a refund of the registration portion to make room for a waitlisted individual. 

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations may occur.  To cancel your reservation please send an email to the accounting department to Lynette Hendricks at lynette.hendricks@scouting.org.  Cancellations will be refunded less a 10% cancellation fee, the refund will take approximately 5-10 business days.

What does the payment cover?

All participants will receive 2 shirts, a hat, a waterbottle, lanyard with name tag, luggage tag for the waterbottle, NYLT Particpant book, other printed materials, entertainment, learning and, of course, FOOD.

What is the schedule for the week?

Each day is filled with instruction and followed by practical application.  Each presentation and each day builds upon the other.  Breakfast will be at about 7:30am and each day will end with a "cracker barrell" before lights out, around 9pm.  Presentations will be around problem solving, conflict resolution, ethics, running your unit, preparedness, and of course, leadership.

Can my parent come out for lunch?  Is there a parent visit day?

Even the lunch time is used in this leadership training course.  Parents are welcomed back to camp for graduation.  Parents, please do not come unannounced.  If you are the parent that must see their child then your child is probably the one to be the most homesick.  Your presence will derail their progress for the week.  We keep them very busy and very safe.  You will be notified if you are needed.

Can I bring my phone to text my parents throughout the week?

No.  It is best to leave all valuables at home.  Not only is reception spotty at best, this only serves as a distraction and there is no way to charge your phone.  Phones will be confiscated and locked up for safe keeping until after graduation.  Numbers will be provided so parents can reach the Scoutmaster, Staff Camp Director or Ranger's office at anytime during the week for any reason.

Will money be needed?  Is there a trading post?

No money will be needed.  Scouts will be well fed and will have everything they need. There is no trading post.

Can I bring electronics like gaming devices and mp3 players?

No.  Please leave all valuables at home!  There will not be time for personal gaming devices or music.  We will have all the games and fun you need for the week.

Can I share a tent with someone from my troop or crew?

We encourage you to come with other members of your unit so you all learn the same leadership skills in running your unit.  You will be split up into patrols as part of the team-building experience and will be camping with your patrols at different campsites, so you may or may not be in a patrol with a fellow unit member.  Females will be camping separately.  

Should I bring my knife or lighter for scout skills?

No.  You will be learning about leadership skills.  Save the learning of scout skills for summer/winter camps and with your unit.  Do not bring knives, axes or lighters.  You will not need them.

I am involved in lots of activities outside of scouting.  Can I miss a day?  Are there make up days?

No.  Because of the nature of the course, missing even one presentation can be disruptive to the process.  There are no make up days.  Failure to be there for the entire week will result in you not finishing the course. 

Do you really mean "full" uniform?

Yes.  We mean full uniform.  If you are having difficulty getting parts of the uniform, contact your District Commissioner, District Executive or the Sr. Course Director to find out about financial aid for uniforming.  Your uniform should include Field Uniform, 1-2 Activity Shirts (2 are provided and you are expected to wear them), BSA scout pants or shorts, BSA socks, closed toed shoes (lots of walking so hiking boots or good, quality lace up sneakers).  The only part of your uniform you will not need is your neckerchief and slide.

What paperwork is required?

All scouts will need to bring their medical forms - ALL SECTIONS AND DOCTOR'S SIGNATURE, including a copy of their medical insurance card.  BSA policy does not allow us to make any exceptions.

What about medicines?

All RX medicines MUST be in their original containers with the labels at drop off.  Any medicines in pill boxes WILL NOT be accepted, over the counter medicines will be available through the camp nurse.

What if I have severe food restrictioins?

Some accommodations can be made.  Food allergies and restrictions should be noted in the registration fields designated to ensure all parties that need to see it do.  More severe restrictions may require that you bring your own food and snacks for the week. The maximum refund is $40 should you be required to bring your own food.  Instructions for labeling will be sent to you should this be a need, i.e. Celiac Disease or severe food allergies.  The food is really good by the way.  This accommodation is not for "picky eaters".  

Should you have additional questions, please contact the Sr, Course Director - Kim Huff at kimhuffdcd@gmail.com.





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