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Welcome to Circle Ten Radio Scouting!

Circle Ten Radio Scouting (C10RS) is a fully recognized program committee of Circle Ten Council made up of Scouters that are licensed amateur radio operators, also known as HAMS, organized to provide amateur radio operations and training as a program resource available to Scouts and Scouters alike. HAM radio is a vital part of emergency preparedness and often in the case of emergencies is the only means of communication. When all else fails radio gets through, across town or around the world!  Our goal is to introduce Scouts and Scouters to the exciting world of HAM radio and all that this great hobby offers. We offer radio merit badge classes, HAM radio licensing classes and exams, Jamboree on the Air stations and other HAM radio related programs that Scouts are invited to visit and participate in. We encourage both Scouts and Scouters to get involved in HAM radio and obtain their licenses to operate. 
Download a copy of the Ham radio quick start guide for scouts here.
Upcoming Events & Programs
Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)
JOTA happens every October and is a great way to introduce scouts and scouters alike to radio. Our committee can assist you in locating an area radio club that will bring the radio gear to your troop and help demonstrate radio to your unit. During JOTA units from all over the USA are on the radio talking with other units. For more info contact Grant Laughlin – W5XJ - Circle 10 Radio Scouting Director & Coordinator – 214-908-6355
HAM-COM ** FREE ** Radio Merit Badge Class - Fills Fast so register ASAP!
Each year in June the largest HAM radio event in the southwest is held in Irving , Texas. Radio Merit Badge is offered here and sells out quickly. Scouts and Scouters in uniform can attend for free and the RMB is also free to scouts in uniform. Scouts seeking a license may also test for free provided they are ready in advance. For more info and to register click here.
Scouts & Venturers Wanted!
Are you interested in emergency preparedness, communications, helping people inside and outside of your community all while having fun? Are you technical minded or curious about gadgets, electronics, computers, radio, and the like? If so, C10RS wants you to get involved in the operation and maintenance of our ham radio stations at the four scout camps. Getting licensed is easy and you can earn the radio merit badge in the process.  Contact one of the committee members below for more information. We want YOU to get involved in radio scouting today!
Used Ham Radio Gear Wanted!
C10RS is a fully recognized program committee operating in Circle Ten Council. Do you have used radio gear, towers, antennas and the like that are surplus to your needs? Do you know of an SK estate or defunct club disposing of their station? If so, C10RS welcomes your donations to the committee for use in our stations. All donations will be received on behalf of Circle Ten Council by the committee and will be recognized by Circle Ten Council for tax purposes.  
Circle Ten Radio Scouting Contacts
If you have questions about C10RS or HAM radio licensing, feel free to contact the any of the Scouters below and they will be happy to help you.
Circle Ten Liaison to C10 Radio Scouting Committee
Circle Ten Radio Scouting Committee Registered Volunteers
Allan Batteiger – WB5QNG - Station Manager for K5BSA at Camp Wisdom – 972-672-0278
Wade Graves – KF5AUD – Station Manager for N5CJR at Camp James Ray – 903-647-0555
Grant Laughlin – W5XJ - Circle 10 Radio Scouting Director & Coordinator – 214-908-6355
Circle Ten Radio Scouting Facilities 
Camp Wisdom  – K5BSA – complete ham radio station with HF radio, VHF/UHF with HF beam on tower is fully operational.
Camp James Ray – N5CJR - complete HF & VHF/UHF station, tower and beam antenna fully operational.
Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp at Clements Scout Ranch – Equipment delivered with setup underway.
Jack D. Furst Aquatic Base at Camp Constantin – C10RS is seeking Scouter HAM volunteers in the Graford / Possum Kingdom area to setup, maintain and operate this facility




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