Online Registration ... What Your Unit Needs to Know Part 4

Online Registration ... What Your Unit Needs to Know Part 4


Scouting families and prospective Scouting families have asked for it, and now it is here!

Beginning this fall, the traditional paper registration method will not be the only way to join Scouting. This is a giant leap forward in allowing prospective members and leaders to register in a way that's convenient for them, and it creates a more efficient and user-friendly registration experience for units, districts, and councils.

In an effort to assist our units with this new registration tool, we will be sending an email each Thursday which will focus on an individual aspect of the tool. These bite-sized chunks of information should ease the transition our units will be making to utilize this online tool.

The online registration system is designed to make it easy for families to join Scouting. They can find a unit, if they do not already have one in mind, or apply to the unit of their choice. The system walks them through the entire application and payment process. If there is an application or lead to be processed, the unit Key 3 will receive a notification in their My.Scouting inbox once a day letting them know they have actions to take.


Configuring the online registration system for your unit

Before your unit starts using the online registration system, there are some configuration decisions that the unit must make.  The Chartered Organization Representative, or the Committee Chair or their designee has access to make changes through the Organization Manager tool in My.Scouting.

Configuration Options Your Unit Can Make

  • Committee Chair recommendation for adult positions – the Chartered Organization Representative (CR) is the only person in the unit who is authorized to assign positions and accept adults in accordance with the BSA Bylaws. This configuration allows the Committee Chair to recommend the adult positions to the CR for approval. If this option is set to “CC and COR Required” the CC will need to assign the adult positions before the application is available for the COR to accept.
  • Adult application availability – this configuration allows the unit to turn on or off the availability of the adult application online. The youth application will always be available through the system. Be sure to consider the availability of the CR to approve adult applications online.
  • Unit Fee Message – only the national registration fee and Boys’ Life subscription fee (both prorated) is collected through the online payment system. This configuration allows units to inform applicants that the unit has an activity fee, the amount of the fee, and a message about what the fee covers and when it will be collected. This message will be sent on the invitation when sent through Invitation Manager.
  • Automated Welcome Email – the system is configured to send out a welcome email from the BSA National Service Center with a message from the Chief Scout Executive when a youth or adult is accepted by the unit. This configuration sends an automated custom welcome message from the unit the day after the Chief’s welcome message is sent. There is a place for you to add the message that you would like to send to the new families.


Setting Your Unit's Configurations

While logged in to your My.Scouting account:

  • Select Menu
  • Select the unit you will be configuring
  • Select Organization Manager

  • Select the Settings tab

  • Set configurations:
    • CC Recommendation: Select whether you want the CC to recommend adult positions. Default is CR only.


    • Adult Application Availability: If you want to turn off adult application availability change that setting. Default is to accept adult applications.
    • Unit Fee Message: If you would like to display a message about additional unit fees, select opt in and type in the fee amount and a message about what the fee covers. Default is opt-out.

    • Automated Welcome Email: If you would like an automated welcome email from your unit to be sent upon acceptance of an application select opt-in and type your message in the space provided.  Opt-out is the default.


  • Select Commit to save all of your settings.



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