To get start­ed, post your col­ors at PostYourColors.org by drag­ging the blue flag over your state. Fill out a few pro­file ques­tions and sit back until July 5th. 

Each per­son who “Posts” their col­ors, will become a Scout­ing Ambas­sador from July 5–23. Each time after any ambas­sador shares some­thing on social media, using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email and Twit­ter, they’ll get points for prizes. What prizes you ask? How about:

  • Trip to the high adven­ture base of your choice
  • Alum­ni mem­ber­ships
  • Scoutstuff.org gift cards

Remem­ber after you vis­it PostYourColors.org, come back fre­quent­ly to check in on cam­paign progress and share! Each time you share, points are earned for prizes. Share your enthu­si­asm and post Scout­ing sto­ries on social media to inspire oth­ers.

Get ready to Engage and Share!




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