Exploring June 2016 Newsletter

Exploring June 2016 Newsletter

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I want to thank those advisors that helped to make our second Quarterly Advisors Meeting successful! We had a successful meeting where we discussed what kind of resources they want to see on our Circle Ten Exploring page at www.circleten.org/exploring. All other advisors, please stay tuned for updates to the page over the summer!


June 8 – Please attend an informational session on starting an Exploring Officers Association at Circle Ten. EXPLORING PRESIDENTS and ADVISORS INVITED!

Time: 7-8 pm

Location: Circle Ten Office – 8605 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235


Currently, you can sign up for our popcorn sale. We have a new popcorn company called Campmasters and they are awesome! Please contact Kelly Puckett for more information at Kelly.puckett@scouting.org.


The end of April and May were busy for our Exploring Posts! Many programs take a break for the summer, so they try to get in their last few activities. The events below were just a few of the real-world career experiences local youth got to do:

Creative Gurus – Entrepreneurship and Technology Post 3403

The CEO of Creative Gurus, a technology solutions company, focused on drones for his final meeting of the school year. Creative Gurus builds custom drones for many clients, one of which is to map the photosynthesis of plants using an infrared camera to measure the reflectivity of the sun on grapes. Unfortunately, he couldn't fly the drone because of recent FAA regulation changes that classify drones the same as a full size jet airplane. Also, if there is a camera, he explained you can't take photos of thing you aren't authorized to photo. He also mentioned that the biggest challenge for drones is battery power. The one he brought (see picture) is a quadcopter and will only run for 20-30 minutes.

He also showed pictures of military drones, which are the size of a Southwest Airlines plane with a 150-foot wingspan. Google and Facebook use drones like these as part of an initiative called 03B - bringing internet connection to the 3 billion people in the world that still don't have it. These drones are powered by solar panels and hover over areas needing internet connection by sitting in the stratosphere so they always have access to the sun. Explorers looking at going into careers in technology really learned a lot about the industry!


Creative Gurus Explorers visit Tech Wildcatters, a startup accelerator company

Close to 50 Marketing and Entrepreneurship Explorers visited Tech Wildcatters, a startup accelerator company. Their mission is to connect startups to corporate businesses. The representative there let the Explorers know that successful entrepreneurs don't have to have a degree in entrepreneurship, they just need to be the kind of person that gets stuff done. She said that while a lot of people in startups have day jobs, a startup isn't going to succeed if you are not putting all your time and effort into it. For this reason, startup entrepreneurs need financial backers until their startup company is successfully making money.  When making presentations to potential investors she coaches them NOT to look at their powerpoint slides, to practice their pitches as many times as they can, to always have a good start and a good finish, and not to forget to ask for funding!



Fire Games 2016

The Fire Games were a success again this year, with 80 Fire and Rescue Explorers participating! Longview Fire Department took first place overall for all the events, and Collinsville Fire Department, a newcomer this year, won the Hose-off Challenge. Explorers competed in 6 events: CPR, Bunker Gear Relay (putting gear and oxygen tank on as quickly as possible), Ladder Raise, Spinal Immobilization, Make and Break (connecting the hose to the hydrant and directing the water flow), Room Search, and the Hose-Off (teams competing to push a suspended barrel with firehoses). Check out the pictures!


Architecture Demarest Post 3401

Architecture Explorers from Macarthur High School visited Architecture Demarest, where they tried out the different job functions of an architectural firm. The day was capped off by a visit to a job-site where the firm is currently constructing a mixed-use apartment building. Explorers in this post will meet with advisors over the summer to help plan their program for the next school year!


Dallas Arboretum Post 8525

Explorers in the Horticulture career cluster at Skyline High School visited the Dallas Arboretum’s greenhouse in Rockwall. Students got a glimpse into the careers in a greenhouse that serves a world-class arboretum. They even were offered extra plants to use at their school! These students are currently helping their teacher in designing a new greenhouse for Skyline High school, so they learned a lot a great info that will help them in this process.




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