Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports

Trainings Available

For more information about the shooting sports program or specifics about a particular class, please click here.

All classes include course materials, ammunition (if required), applicable merit badge books, and associated patches.

PLEASE NOTE: all class registration should be paid online and registrations close 10 days prior to the date of a course. You are not considered registered for a course until you have made final payment. Courses are closed 10 days prior in order to allow for ordering and receipt of course materials. Be Prepared!

NRA Range Safety Officer - must be over age 21
BB Gun and Archery Range Master
  • Courses will be done within the districts. Go here to see where you can attend or contact your district executive.
NRA Rifle / Shotgun

NRA Pistol Course

NRA BIT - Required for all new instructors who have not already taken a NRA instructor course. This is a separate course that must be taken before Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol/Muzzleloading.
Muzzleloading Qualification - This is a one time class for 2016 - for those current NRA instructors who do not currently have all three (Rifle, Pistol, Muzzleloading) ratings. Anyone who does not have all three has until June 2016 to get qualified in their remaining firearm types or lose their existing muzzleloading ratings.

NRA Muzzleloading

Merit Badge Completion Day

Have a question or need to contact the Circle Ten Council Shooting Sports Committee? Please click here.





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