Lion Cubs Program Announcement

Lion Cubs Program Announcement

To the Circle Ten Community,

Recently BSA announced that the kindergarten “Lion Cubs” program, which has been piloted in another council for five years, is now available to additional councils on a pilot basis. News of this program opportunity has interested some, excited others, and gone unnoticed by many. BSA has opened the opportunity for councils to submit application to participate in the pilot.

Circle Ten Council assembled some experienced and engaged Scouting leaders to evaluate the program opportunity and the council’s ability to successfully implement the pilot program.

The resulting decision was that the council will not be applying to be a pilot council for the Lion Cubs program. Leaders may ask why the council wouldn’t attempt to offer this program.

There are four primary reasons this decision was made:

  1. Support of an additional pilot program in the council would require staff support. We’ve decided that our focus should be on areas determined to have the most potential for growth.
  2. The Lion Cubs pilot program has been in place for approximately five years in the Northern Star Council. To date the data is vague and inconclusive.
  3. Circle Ten Council is already heavily engaged with several other pilot programs for BSA and our own strategic initiatives: STEM Scouts; a new software conversion; the Middle School ScoutReach program; the overall growth of our ScoutReach program; working to improve youth retention in the first 90 days of membership (training and advancement efforts); and working to grow Scouting in targeted areas all have council resources operating at capacity.
  4. Finally, there are several aspects to the Lion Cub program that our committee deemed challenging to implement effectively.

For these reasons, Circle Ten Council has chosen not to apply to participate in the Lion Cubs program. We will evaluate the decision at some point in the future as information becomes available about program successes in other councils and as other pilot programs of Circle Ten Council are ceased or rolled into full program implementation.

The current initiatives that we are undertaking (STEM, Middle School ScoutReach program, software conversion and improving the first 90 day retention rate) are important parts of our ongoing success. We all must continue to be diligent in operating our current plans in the most effective manner and providing the best ongoing programs for our Scouts. Our best operating strategy is to continue to grow our current programs, increase our retention rates, and increase advancement for our current Scouts.

In Scouting,

John Copley
Council Commissioner                                              

Joe Stallard
Council Vice President – Membership                     




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