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How to Update Your Unit's BeAScout Pin

How to Update Your Unit's BeAScout Pin


BeAScout is an online site that prospective members can use to find a unit near them.  To prepare for the My.Scouting Tools Online Registration going live, please verify that your BeAScout pin is turned on and that the contact information is current and displays the information you want shown for your unit.

Step 1.
Log in to your My.Scouting account. my.scouting.org. (If you do not have an account, please see instructions below for "Updating Your My.Scouting Tools Profile")


Step 2.
Go to BeAScout Tools

  • Select Menu
  • Select Legacy Web Tools
  • Select BeAScout


Step 3:
Update your Unit Information. 

  • Select the Unit Pin Management tab to enter information you want a prospective Scouting family to see when they select your unit's pin on the BeAScout map.
  • If your unit is not listed in the Unit Description box, use the drop down menu to select your unit.
  • Change your Unit Pin Mode to Unit so that applications or requests for information will come directly to your unit Invitation Manager or Application Manager.


Step 4.

  • Change your Pin Status to Active so that your unit location shows on BeAScout.
  • Set your Apply Status to Active so that the "Apply Now" button displays on your unit's BeAScout pin.
  • Enter your unit's web address in the Unit Web Site box.
  • Add your unit's Primary Contact information - this will be the person that interested families will contact if they need more information. Be aware that this information will be visible when someone clicks on your unit's pin. It is recommended that you include an email address. The telephone number is optional and will only show if you select to display it.


Step 5:

  • Check your unit meeting address and correct if needed. It will default to your chartered organization address. We recommend listing the address where the unit meetings take place.
  • Add additional information - frequently asked questions can be addressed here such as what day and time the unit usually meets. This field is optional but can help parents determine if your unit meets their needs before they apply. We recommend providing information on your School Night For Scouting meeting (just remember to change it after your meeting).


Step 6.
Select the fields to display on the unit pin. 
Click on the boxes next to the fields that you wish to display. The fields will show in the Unit Pin Preview to the right. Once you have the pin showing the information you want, save your work.

After you SAVE, you will receive a message showing that your changes were successfully saved. This message is sent to multiple individuals associated with the unit, including the unit Key 3 and your district executive.


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