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Philmont Autumn Adventure

Crews enjoy the beautiful New Mexico fall, when opportunities abound for trout fishing, mountain climbing, photography, and more. Each group will plan its own itinerary with the assistance of a Philmont guide. The Autumn Adventure is a great program for traditional youth/adult crews. This is the only Philmont program in which an all-adult Scouting group may participate. The Autumn Adventure program runs September through October.
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Northern Tier Winter Adventures
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High Adventure Planning
When your unit does their annual planning session they should consider developing a long range High Adventure plan. Determine what High Adventure activities the unit would like to do over the next 2 or 3 years. Keep in mind the age of your youth to match their ability to the appropriate High Adventure program.
Triple Crown Award
The Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America have authorized the issuance of a special certificate and patch to honor those Scouts and Scouters who have participated in at least one program at each of the three National High Adventure Bases operated by the Boy Scouts of America. These Bases are Philmont Scout Ranch (including the Double H Ranch), Northern Tier High Adventure Bases (Ely, Atikokan, and Bissett), and the Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.  1149 youth and adults were awarded The Triple Crown Award in 2011.  Consider visiting all 3 National High Adventure bases as part of your Units camping program.  High Adventure treks are a great way to keep older Scouts active in your unit.




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