District Workshop Training

District Workshop Training


To improve district committee productivity, operational consistency, and role awareness across all Circle Ten Council districts, six Service Area District Committee Training Workshops (DCTWs) are available over the next several months. All members of the district committee should attend any one of the six sessions, regardless of prior training.

The workshop will include general sessions for all members and operational, topic-specific breakouts which provide more focus in finance, membership, and program.

Registration, via CampMaster (https://circle10.camp-master.com), is only $10 which includes all course materials. Please arrive early enough to sign in and secure your materials so the course may begin on time.

For more information contact either:

Ramsay Ellis: ramsay.ellis@gmail.com or Ken Camp: Ken.Camp@scouting.org

or one of the Course Directors listed below.

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Detailed Description

We realize that several of you have already taken some version of the District Committee Training. Circle Ten is requesting that all District Committee Members attend one of the several District Committee Training Workshop (DCTW) regardless of prior training. Our goal is to have all Districts reach the highest possible level of full trained members with this curriculum. While it is important that all members who constitute a District Committee attend a DCTW, it would be especially beneficial if they could attend the workshop together. Please invite all members of your committee to attend the training.

An integral part of the day's training will include a 2 hour breakout session for each District Committee Area including:

  • District Key 3
  • Advancement and Recognition
  • New Unit Organizer
  • Activities & Civic Service
  • Camp Promotions & Outdoor Program
  • Training
  • Membership
  • Finance

Note the position of New Unit Organizer. Many Districts currently do not have a committee member fulfilling this role, and you might consider New Unit Organizer as part of Membership. This is a very important aspect of growing membership, which is a strong component of our new Scout Executive, Sam Thompson's, vision for Circle Ten Council. While districts are in the process of nominations for the upcoming year, this should be a role for which you are seeking a strong candidate. You will learn more about this role at the DCTW. This emphasizes the importance of attending the DCTW. We will be teaching to the future expectations of our Council.


Every Service Area will hold a District Committee Training Workshop over the next 6 months. This is to ensure that all incoming and currently serving members receive this training, regardless of whether they have attended a condensed course in the past. Our goal is to have every District receive this training from the same Syllabus and ensure we are 100% trained by early 2018. If you are rolling off your position, please be sure that your replacement attends this training. If you are transferring to a new position, please attend for the future position.We realize our training workshop is early in the District's nominating and confirming process, but you should still plan to invite your incoming position prospects to attend the DCTW. If you, or committee members from your district, are not able to attend the training offered in your respective Service Area, it is expected that you and your members attend one of the DCTW's offered by another Service Area.


Circle Ten Council considers this training workshop mandatory, and would appreciate you publicizing the workshops among your District Committee Members. Besides the goal of having our District Committees 100% trained across the board, having all District Committee Members receive the same training will ensure consistency across our Council. There is an advantage for Service Areas to conduct this training together. During the training, the 2 hour breakout session for the different committee roles will allow for a time of interaction between the Districts. Not only will the training from the Syllabus be valuable to those new to their roles, but the networking and questions and answers from those with experience will be advantageous in helping them be effective and comfortable in their first year of service. For those of you who have previously received this training and have spent time in your district role, this is an opportunity to you to share your experience with others.


Please be aware that DCTW will not be offered at this year's University of Scouting. The Council is expecting all District Committee Members to attend any one of the 6 Service Area Workshops with preference for the Service Area where your District is a member.


Some sessions will offer a meal or snacks. When you sign up for a session more detail will be provided.

Service Area Workshop Sessions

Click here for a Google Map of all locations or the individual locations below.

East Central : 11/4/2017 8:30am - 12:30pm
Course Director: Leigh Anne LeBlanc
Course Location: Mesquite LDS, Skyline Chapel, 2801 Skyline Dr., Mesquite TX
Districts: Cimarron, Eastern Skies, Northern Trail, Tejas Caddo

North Central: 1/23/2018 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Course Director: Bobby Higginbotham
Course Location: Circle Ten Council, Murchison Center, 8605 Harry Hines, Dallas TX
Districts: Blackland Prairie, Mustang, North Star, West Park

North Metro: 12/9/2017 8:00am - 12:30pm (Breakfast 7:30am)
Course Director: Debra Copley
Course Location: Circle Ten Council, Bobby Lyle Billy Gamble Center, 5600 US Hwy 75 South, Fairview TX
Districts: Eagle trail, Golden Arrow, Iron Horse, Lonestar, Northern Lights

Northeastern: 11/18/2017 8:00am - 1:00pm
Course Director: Darrell Mendez
Course Location (tentative): First United Methodist Church, 801 Start St., Bonham TX
Districts: Texoma Valley, Tonkawa, Two Rivers, White Oak

Southeastern: 12/9/2017 8:30am-12:30pm
Course Director: Mark Blackhurst
Course Location: Forney LDS, 8200 FM 741, Forney TX
Districts: Duck Creek, East Trinity Trails, ,Texas Skies, Trinity Woods

Southwestern: 2/3/2018 8:00am - 12:30pm
Course Director: Gale Hagee
Course Location (new location): Cedar Hill Church of Christ, 535 S. Clark Rd., Cedar Hill, TX
Districts: Five Trails, Mountain Lake, Southern Star, Wisdom Trail

Register for any session via CampMaster at https://circle10.camp-master.com/

Reference Documents

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