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Council Health Supervisor

Council Health Supervisor

Position Description: This person is a licensed physician and registered Scouter who serves as the primary source of medical information for the council.


  • Registered Scouter trained in Youth Protection
  • Licensed to practice medicine in Texas


  • Serves as a member of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee 
  • In conjunction with the council ERM Committee, provides oversight to the four council’s camp medical facilities and procedures as required by National Camping Standards (NCAP)
  • In conjunction with members of the council ERM Committee, reviews first-aid logs from all camping programs and provides specific feedback for improvements
  • Works with the Operations Manager and chairman of the ERM Committee to ensure that health and safety incidents within the council, are appropriately reported online to the National Service Center in the Riskonnect System
  • In conjunction with the council ERM committee, specifically approves those items required by NCAP (such as the medication process and standing orders)
  • Assists, as requested, in the selection, orientation, and education of the Summer Camp Health Officers
  • Assists, as needed, in the planning, organizing, and delivering health and medical education to Scouts and Scouters through (first aid, Wilderness First Aid, CPR/AED)
  • Plays a role, as needed, to convene and lead meetings to assist local units, districts, and the council with issues related to communicable diseases
  • Works with others (medical professionals, program planners, EMR Committee Subject-Matter Experts) to establish medical/health criteria as needed for local council and district programs, where a health status may put participants at risk (e.g., establishing weight or medical condition restrictions for council or district mountain treks or floats)
  • Assists in reviewing Annual Health and Medical Records (AHMR) for youth and adult participants at National high-adventure bases and jamborees to ensure that council participants meet standards or have been granted appropriate waivers.  Assists in correcting or clarifying issues that are raised during review by those outside the council
  • Writes, reviews, and/or edits medical and health-related communications sent to leaders, parents, and others as needed.  Serves as a media consultant for local medical and health issues as necessary, working closely with the Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Works with the ERM Committee and the council’s leaders in identifying other health-related professionals for service with ERM, Youth Protection, and other committees as needed

Interested volunteers should contact the Operations Manager, Dick Corcoran, at dick.corcoran@scouting.org




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